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pug puppies for sale

About Our Pug Puppies for sale

The whole purpose of our breeding program is to produce the best possible puppies for the ultimate purpose of a dog: to be a companion to a human family. Everything we do here is about raising the healthiest, happiest, best-tempered puppies possible. Starting with our thorough puppy health guarantee and finishing with extensive socialization, training, and love for each individual puppy, Ugly Mugs pug puppies for sale are predestined to be beloved family members.

As dedicated pug breeders, we have carefully selected all of our pug parents for their freedom from genetic health defects. We practice diligent hygiene to prevent parasites and disease in our pug house. Proper animal care and healthy parents are the foundation for raising healthy puppies. Unlike many large breeders, we do not vaccinate our puppies until they are eight weeks old. Our veterinarian has advised us that vaccination is safer in a more mature immune system, and our small number of dogs, regular veterinary care and vigorous cleaning practices have minimized the risks of infection at our farm.

pug puppy We raise our AKC pug puppies with patience, consistency, and a great deal of love. You won't find a pug puppy for sale here who is afraid to be picked up or is frightened of loud noises, children, or vacuum cleaners! Only with daily handling and lots of variety in their play can puglets develop into the most intelligent, intuitive, and confident pugs possible.

We are very proud of our pugs and how they live. Visitors are welcome at any time. We encourage you to come to pick up your puppy when it is time to leave, so we can meet you and you can meet all of his relatives.

Ready to get started on the next fifteen years of your life with a new buddy by your side? Read our Pug Puppy FAQ page, and then give us a call or email us at info@uglymugspugs.com.