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We know and love each of our puppies as individuals. Nothing makes us happier than hearing how they are being spoiled in their new homes, and watching them grow up in the pictures you send.

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Hi there!

I hope all is well at the homestead. I was thinking of you all and wanted to write again to follow up with Lily. We are soooo happy with her. We joke and say what did we do without her???? She is the best tempered and attitude dog! I really lucked out with you. i must say it isn't just us alot of people who come into contact including our vet has commented on her disposition and I just say it was all the breeder. Just a note to say thanks again!

Lori Lind


Just wanted to let you know how Squeak has been getting along. She is the dog I was looking for. There is not a day that she doesn't win me over with her personality.

Our duplex is open enough to allow me and Squeak to play fetch when the weather is foul.

We bought an exercise pen for her on the few days when both of us work. We have had to create a roof for it, as she has managed to climb out.

She is a little shy with people at first, but warms up very quickly. Everyone who has met her has fallen for her charm and personality.

She is also taking very well to our training. She's just about mastered "sit", "stay" and "come."

Thanks again for the marvelous pup, Diana. It was worth the wait.

Best regards,



I just wanted to express how happy I am with my little guy! I admit, I was a little nervous about having my first puppy, training him and all the work involved, but what a difference it has made coming from your home! People are amazed at how easy it was to housebreak him, and I know that has to do with the pug house he lived in before I got him. His tempermant is wonderful, I think being around his mother and brother and sisters all the time, along with interacting with people of all ages really helped. I can truly tell a difference with the time and energy you put into your breeding because the result is an absolutely wonderful pup. I've gotten so many compliments on his playful personality, how he's not afraid of anything yet doesn't ever venture far from me. I love being able to walk around without a leash and know he will stick by me. We just completed puppy kindergarden and he was one of the quickest learners in the class! I don't even have to tell him to 'sit' anymore, as soon as I stand over him he knows to do it - food or no food in my hand.

I also want to thank you for welcoming me out to your home to meet Tug's family and pick him up. I'm so glad I opted to make the trip out there...South Dakota is beautiful and your family is so nice. Fall will be over soon here in WI and then the snow will start to fall. I'm sure that will prove to be a fun adventure for Tug! (Especially now that he's gotten used to wearing something to keep warm).

Thanks again!


Disclaimer: Ugly Mugs Pugs does not recommend pugs as jogging companions, but we sure are proud of Tug!!

Hi Diana,

I just thought I'd send you and your family a quick update on Tug (formerly Goliath). I have been training for my first triathlon and Tug has been a wonderful running partner. Since it's cooler out, we go running together 3 days a week and we've made it up to 5.5 miles per day! I am so completely amazed at his athletic ability, as are so many other people. A pug running for miles at a time without stopping is pretty much unheard of. Yet Tug continues to surprise us all. He's doing great keeping me motivated and has learned to match my stride almost perfectly. Granted, when he sees or hears another dog he gets a distracted...but I'm so happy at his ability. I come home tired from our run and not wanting to move, but it literally takes him 10 minutes and a half a bowl of water before he's back up jumping around wanting to play again. That little guy has so much energy!


Dear Diana and Family,

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you and your family did with Maisey. She is a very well adjusted puglet and very smart. No house training required, she just knew what do to and where. Bonus!

Maisey's personality makes her an asset to my dog grooming business, she greets my customers and their dogs with her puggy smile and wiggle of of her backend. All my customers remark on how cute and sweet she is. She loves to cuddle with us but also loves to wrestle with my husband and our lab. Everyone and everything is open game for pug kisses, this includes the cats, other dogs, cows and of course people. Maisey is adorable and is the heart of four legged family, everyone loves her.

Thank you,
Jeff and Shelley

Thought you would like to see a recent picture of our litte Maisey. Things are great, she is having good time playing iwth all the different dogs that we get into the kennel. She figures the bigger, the better. She is cautious when meeting a big dog, but it doesn't take her long to tuck the tail in and race around as if challenging the bigger guy to catch her. It is great to watch her do this, because 9 times out of 10, they can't catch her.

She had a check-up last week and our vet says she is one of the healthiest pugs she has seen is a long time. We are very careful about her weight and make sure she gets lots of excercise. Everyone comments about how tuff she is, she is like a little bulldog with all her muscle. Jumping is her thing now. The higher the better. She has no fear, this little pug of ours.

Dear Diana,

We've been meaning to e-mail you for quite awhile now to give you an update on Fozzie. Oh, so much to say! He has more personality than we could've ever imagined, but he's exactly what we asked you for: a cuddly goofball (and more!). He is very athletic for a pug. He loves to go camping with us and he even made it through a 5-mile hike with a bit of energy to spare! He hasn't met a dog or a person that he doesn't like. He graduated from puppy school and we're almost done with Level 1 at the local training club. Everyone always comments on how happy he is. :-) Potty training was a little challenging at first, but he's now made it four weeks without a single accident, so we're definitely on the right track. And just a week or so ago, Fozzie attended "Pug O'Ween".

We absolutely love Fozzie and we're very glad that you matched us with such a great pug. He's added a lot of fun and silliness to our household, and he's totally my little cuddlebug. :-)

Thank you!

I type this as Lennie sits in my lap, snoring. I can't thank you enough for this little guy. He is so sweet, and has the most incredible disposition. I've yet to take many pictures of him because he is always in my arms, but will send some once I get a chance.

I hope to keep you updated on him, as he is such a great member of our family. He went to work with me all last week, and every day this week. He is well loved by my co-workers as well as my girls at home. Not only is Lennie an incredible loving pug, he is more or less potty trained. He only had accidents in the house on his first day home, but now bounds out the front door onto the porch and towards the beach. I LOVE MY UGLY MUG PUG! Thank you so much for starting this little guy onto a great path.

Hi Diana,

We are so happy with our little Sweet Pea, she is so smart and just a darling addition to our family. It only took her a week to get used to where her doggy door was, and she is very intelligent. Our vet said that she hasn't seen a pug so healthy. We couldn't have found a better puppy for our family and I know its because of all the hard work that you put into each puppy. Every morning she can't wait to go and wake our daughter up so that she can play with her. You should see the two of them running around the house. Sweet Pea will run around and jump up on her as if to say tag youre it, and then run so she will run after her. She is a great little door greeter. When someone rings the door bell she runs and waits by the door just wagging her little curly tail, til they are inside, then its all puggy kisses and snorts. She hasn't met a guest yet that she doesn't like. Thank you so much for giving us our little Sweet Pea, we will forever cherish her.

The Horn Family

Hey, there!

Klaus (Traveler) celebrated his first birthday a few days ago. He got a "cake" made of canned dog food and treats, but he dug out all the treats and set them aside. He didn't like them. He's a very picky boy, for someone who loves food. =)

(Klaus is) a happy, wrinkle-faced little darling who "asks" for a walk about ten times a day. (We should probably put the leash somewhere he can't reach it, but he always seems so pleased with himself when he pulls it from its hook.) Klaus is the best dog I've ever owned, and I thank you for bringing him into my life. I really can't imagine being without him.

Oh, and I think I've been converted into a pug-owner for life. I've had dogs, I've raised dogs...but none as sweet and sensitive and clever as these guys.

~Ingrid Reynolds