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Are you a Pug Person?

Pugs aren't for everyone. No, only those who appreciate inner beauty and lots of snorting will ever understand the joy of being owned by a pug. Pug people choose their furniture to coordinate with dog hair. Pug people understand that 'dog obedience' is an oxymoron. Pug people believe that running is something to do only when we are being chased. Pug people know that there is no reason to wait until one is asleep to start snoring. Are you a pug person? Find out more in our special pug personality section.

Health Issues
Our unique breed requires special treatment. Fortunately, pugs are completely willing to let us give them that extra care they need. Learn about pug health and proper pug care.

Our Pugs
Imagine, if you will, a small herd of pugs running at liberty across the endless, rolling prairies of South Dakota. Or snoring indoors in the air conditioning. It all depends upon the weather… Read all about the life of an Ugly Mugs pug.

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Our Human Family
Day in and day out, we care for our small herd of Ugly Mugs pugs, endlessly waiting on this generation while raising the next generation of Ugly Mugs puppies. What does it take to be a full-time pug servant? Learn all about us and why we do what we do.

Pug Puppies!

Truly there is nothing finer than being mauled by a googly-eyed, round headed, curly tailed wiggly handful of puglet! Check out our current and upcoming litters of precious pug babies.

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